To Seduce A Siren

To Seduce A Siren - Jane Cousins Loved this fourth book in the series. Charisse "Cyd" (great nickname)is a Siren with secrets. She's fun, sassy and strong - just the way I like my heroines.
Nate, warrior/flirt - is sexy, funny and determined to get to the bottom of what is going on with Cyd.
Loved the vampire Queen/bad girl in a catsuit who is stalking Nate.
As always the secondary characters were a treat - can't get enough of Darcy. Plus nice to see earlier main characters pop up again.
Great read that just swept me up - action, humour, magic, mad vampires and a great sexy couple that were believable and made me laugh.
What can I say but - when is the next one due in the series?