Poltergeist - Kat Richardson Have just read books one and two in this series over the last few days. And have struggled with them from the get go, skimming not just sentences but whole pages. The books themselves are written well but two books in I still feel as if I don't know Harper Blaine at all. Except that she's kind of hard, petulant, inconsistent and stubborn. She says she'll have nothing to do with magic/the Grey - then jumps right in, taking on vampire & ghost clients. Says she's completely scared of vampires but keeps going back to them again, and again... and again for advice. Even though they scare her and she doesn't trust them. And then is surprised when they do something self-serving or horrendous...doh!
The stories jump around too much, start off in one direction, dive in another and then spiral off somewhere else again. Occasionally that's okay but then it gets tiresome and you find yourself resenting the author, the main character and the editor.
Like I said readable just not very likeable (and that goes double for the main character), though book 2 is marginally better than book 1.