Free Agent (A Grimm Agency Novel)

Free Agent (A Grimm Agency Novel) - J. C. Nelson Great premise. The blurb on this book totally sucked me in. Sounding promising, fresh and fun.
The reality? Not so good. The author completely failed to deliver. The main character - Marissa - was too YA, unsympathetic, bitchy (without the fun factor) unnecessarily mean, and inconsistent.
All the characters in this novel are kind of unlikeable. And the author failed to make me believe in the H & h attraction - which sets up the rest of the book to fail as the h's reasoning for a lot of her decisions never ring true.
There are too many clich├ęs in this story to count. h working for a mystical organisation, against her will, she's a screw up so things always go wrong but she gets the job done usually with a high body count/property damage so she seems to think this makes everything okay. I really wish she'd been a bad ass agent and embraced her role. That was the story I wanted to read.
This premise could have been delivered in a hundred different ways - what a pity the author chose this route.