Her Alpha Bear (Paranormal Werebear & Werewolf Romance)

Her Alpha Bear (Paranormal Werebear & Werewolf Romance) - Elena Manning This short story was beyond bad and bordering onto the painful. The characters were flat, one dimensional and all around woeful. The writing was abysmal, the conversations between the two lead characters stilted and often failing to make sense. The story jumped around, the plot (what there was of it) limped along... then suddenly the two leads are in bed together. Failed to make sense as there was no attraction, no spark. Mainly because thanks to the bad writing, the reader can never connect to the characters or care what happens to them.
I picked this up as a freebie, mainly because the cover was hot... unfortunately that is all the book has to recommend for itself.
This very, very short story has no other positive points. This book would certainly make it into my top two worst reads for 2014.
Just say no people... and then run as far and as fast away from it as you can.