To Bedevil A Beauty

To Bedevil A Beauty - Jane Cousins I am completely addicted to this series/world.
Loved the feisty h in this book, after a bad marriage she's determined to stay single and always speak her mind, no matter who that upsets.
The H is solid, confident and knows from the moment they meet that the h is the girl for him, snarls, bossiness and all.
Love how these two meet and all their subsequent adventures - thanks to all the interfering family match makers.
Didn't think the author could top the invisible sheep but the cats in this novel were a hoot - loved how everyone was afraid of them. Wonderful secondary characters as always, great to see glimpses of people we've already met plus a heap of new faces. Loved that this book was set entirely in the Southern Sanctuary and gave the reader a view of the place from the H's perspective as a new resident of the region. Kudos to the author for the slow world building over the series.
Can't wait for Book 6 - but just who will be the H & h - too many characters/teases to count?