Frozen - 'Melissa de la Cruz',  'Michael Johnston' This started off well, interesting dystopian frozen world. But too many inconsistencies (seriously, everyone is incredibly poor but our heroes have all the gas in the world to drive around both a car and a boat?) and every time a conversation was started it would end abruptly as some weirdness would occur - stuck tires, something in the road, big game hunters, thrillers (roll my eyes on this one), military etc etc.
The story stopped and started, jerking me along with it.
There was the occasional ick factor when I remembered how old everyone was - sixteen year old bride? - I know the groom is also young but it still bothered me.
The story twisted and turned, it was one thing, then it was another, more and more magical groups were loaded on - rather like gasoline thrown onto a fire - boom, boom, I was hit, for a while I was prepared to go with the flow, hoping the story would unfold/explain itself eventually, but sorry, hit the weird chick on the boat, the big monster in the water and the invisible something with claws and calling this book officially dnf and I don't care.