Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)

Jason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) - Laurell K. Hamilton LKH finally went and done it - shed all pretence of plot and just wrote a book about sex - people doing it, people talking about it, people planning on doing it again.
So for once she actually stuck to the book synopsis and delivered exactly as promised, I guess that's a step in the right direction.
Except this novella (no way was I wasting my money on it - thank you library) in many ways takes the author and the readers ten feet back, way back.
Okay, so the girl on girl was new - but kind of inevitable, as there are so few boundaries left for Anita to cross. But as a veteran Anita fan I just kind of yawned and read the ho-hum sex scenes - I was far from shocked, it felt like another stab in the gut for this once noble (dare I say likable/relatable) do-gooder who once upon a time just wanted to keep the world safe but now can't seem to keep her legs closed for longer than three pages.
So many justifications - I get it, we all get it, do you get it LKH? She has a poly lifestyle - and WE DON"T CARE. Give us a frigging story for pete's sake.
And it seems Anita is finally getting it as well, but now instead of having a lot of mixed feelings/guilt over her sex life (even though she always ended up inevitably having sex) - because Anita needs something to worry about LKH has decided she needs to dwell on her inability to actually LOVE most of her lovers back the way they deserve. Sigh
And give us a break on all the descriptions too, she's short, Jason's short, a paragraph on Nathaniel's purple eyes, we know all these characters back to front, we don't need the repetitive info - though it jarred when the author couldn't seem to decided Dominio's height, five ten, five eleven - except LKH always knows, so why are we guessing?