One For The Wedding

One For The Wedding - Jane Cousins Re-reading this over the weekend and what a little gem it is. The meet-cute for the H & h, is really well done for a start; funny, sweet, witty and really gets the book off on the right footing.
This book has it all, a smart, clever h, a strong, sexy, knows what/who he wants H.
The story was clever, with a couple of misdirects, a genuine surprise or two and all the time the author manages to keep it light, funny and sexy (though nothing overt, just smart, witty dialogue, a great development of the relationship over time and a slightly racy love scene).
I'm loving Jane Cousins books, both this series and her paranormal one - she's got a light touch when it comes to the romance, wrapping it neatly in clever humour and enough action to hold your attention.