Her Perfect Mate

Her Perfect Mate - Paige Tyler The premise, the rocking front cover and the first couple of chapters sucked me straight into this story - then it all became a fustercluck. The female lead was incredibly inconsistent - she's got all these mad skills but she lets the men in her life/work walk all over her, where she should be kick ass and confident instead she's a mess and a little bit petulant.
The whole zoning out thing/sinking into her animal nature makes no sense and instead just makes her look/act weak - most animals are startled and hyper aware of approaching danger - not Ivy. She cries instead of getting pissed off and righteous. And the whole she's in heat for Landon thing - to explain away her actions rather than her owning her feelings - just cheapened the whole romance aspect of this story.
Kept losing interest/focus in the story because of all the inconsistencies but persevered unhappily right through to the end.