A Shiver of Light

A Shiver of Light - Laurell K. Hamilton I was just so happy to be back in this world with all my favourite characters. .
Okay yes, there is a lot of repetition. LKH seems to forget we are devoted fans and already know who everyone is and what everyone looks like - but if you've been with her this long we the readers should be used to the fact that if she describes what one character in the room is wearing down to their shoes and underwear then she is bound and determined to describe every character in the room with the same attention to detail.
The babies are born - yeah factor. No definitive answers are given on who the fathers actually are - annoying.
Big bad relatives are circling, wanting the babies - Yeah. None of the threats really ever eventuate into any major action actually taking place - frustrating.
Merry cries - ALOT. Okay I understand the hormone factor but seriously she has a Goddess on her side, feel the love and suck it up already.
At least with Merry having just given birth there were significantly less sex scenes chewing up the scenery unnecessarily - with that said a little more plot/action would have been appreciated in its place - instead of a whole lot of talk.
I can only hope this book is a jumping off point for major happenings in the near future.