Night's Honor

Night's Honor - Thea Harrison This book was a bitter disappointment. I fell in love with the Elder Races series but all that love has come to a screeching halt with book 7.
First off the heroine Tess - is kind of unlikeable, she's inconsistent, contrary, says one thing one moment and acts in the complete opposite manner the next. She's bitchy (and not in a good way), ungrateful, says she's all kinds of smart but doesn't ever really display said smarts in this book.
Which brings us to the story - it is set in the elder series world, but only just, none of the usual characters appear and nor is any of the usual humour or savvy story telling talent of the author displayed.
The story doesn't make much sense, Tess's decisions make even less sense. She's trying to survive, she's been granted a safe haven and she acts all bitchy, ungrateful and seems to think she is exempt from being polite or delivering on her part of the bargain. The first half of the book drags along so slowly, then we hit action all a sudden (when Tess makes a complete 180 degree change in her thinking yet again for no adequate reason provided) - but that's a misdirection and the big bad of the story is dealt with in half a chapter and is kind of a complete let down.
The other on going big bad of the story comes out of left field and only so that it can be continued on into book 8 by the looks of things (and I'm sorry but the next book's heroine's name is Melly.... Melly? What a stupid name)
By the end of this book I was skipping whole pages because it was all so boring, humourless and the romance which took ages to blossom felt false and forced.
I'll probably still buy book 8 but if that fails to deliver - then this series will be over for me.