Affliction (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #22)

Affliction (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #22) - Laurell K. Hamilton Enjoyed this tale for the most part and it seems as if LKH has returned to form. There was a story and quite a bit of excitement.
On the other hand I feel like we are retracing our steps/ recycling earlier books.
Hasn't Anita done to death the whole 'arrive in a new place, deal with judgmental local law and solve the problem?'
And why are people always extreme in their reaction to Anita? They either seem to hate/judge her or they love/admire her. Why does no one ever look at her file and think 'police professional' her personal life is none of my business?
The whole threesome with Micah's parents - way too convenient.
I don't want to read pages and pages about characters 'muscles'. Lean, built, slender, bulky, whether they come by it naturally, work hard at the gym or never seem to be able to develop it. LKH's obsession with muscles is tiresome.
Great to see LKH had cut down on the sex scenes, I tend to skim them these days (not because I'm a prude but Anita's been done every which way by everyone possible so I find it kind of boring) but saying that I was not impressed by the 'choking' addition. Please for heaven's sake let Anita have some boundaries.
With a bit of editing/reigning in of LKH this book could have been five stars. Maybe next in the series.