Accidentally in Love with...A God?

Accidentally in Love with...A God? - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Worst Read of 2014.
Need a negative rating option.
I'm tempted to just copy and post all the words in the Thesaurus that equate to the word horrendous.
Not only did the author appear to hate her H & h, but she seems to actively encourage the reader to do so as well.
The premise sounded promising but the reality was unfunny, soul-sucking and just plain bad.
Let's start with the h; petulant. TSTL, worrisomely immature and just not very bright. It makes no sense that she has had this voice in her head since a child (only really active again when she turned 15) and that after 7 years of dealing with it she still hasn't found a way to relate/converse/manage the H. From the first chapter she fumbles around trying to deal with the voice in her head like some newbie. And the whole hitting by a taxi - woeful. Never thanking the H for saving her from the serial killer - glossed over and stubbornly petulant.
The H - all the secrets, give us a break. Hasn't he learnt after spending a 22 years in her head how to manage her? How if he says left because she's TSTL she'll always go right? Calling her baby all the time was condescending and annoying. And the whole that he might be related to her kind of had me flinching on the whole incest topic (I know it gets sorted out but it takes ages and in the meantime ick)
I gave up at the half way mark. But I'd like my money back and the five very long days it took me to get to the 50% mark. I will never read anything by this author again and caution anyone on the fence concerning this book to have 'a look inside' and judge for yourself - I fully expect by the first 'Holy Virgin of Guadalupe' that you will click the close button and move on to other more worthy efforts.
Just say no people.