The Trouble With Fate

The Trouble With Fate - Leigh Evans I thoroughly disliked this book. The heroine was completely YA - And H calling her little girl/kid all the time just made this more glaring. She was a horrible character; rash, petulant, stupid, indecisive, bitchy, inconsistent. Just hated her.
There was so much wrong with this book I'm not sure where to start.
- Helen Stronghold/Hedi Peacock, for the love of God pick a name and stick to it. Even the author got confused, having the mother in a flashback call her Hedi. Later Bridge calls her Hedi Stronghold (instead of Helen Stronghold) then the very next page she tells him she no longer goes by Helen Stronghold but Hedi Peacock - WTF?
- Same goes for the hero; Robbie/Robson/Trowbridge/Bridge - pick a name already.
- The set up /story makes no sense. If she thought the weres were responsible for killing her family why the hell would she choose to hide amongst them for ten years?
- The whole I'm Half fae - so lock down my half were bitch side saga. This crisis of identity was annoying, repetitive and again when she hooks up with Bridge giving into her were side made no sense when she has been fighting/loathing that part of herself for ten years - Oh and in one sentence after 200 pages of blaming Bridge for not saving her she forgives him. Two hundred pages of whining and she's over it and all is forgiven because she's hot for him, huh?
- There were too many inconsistencies in this book to count and whole chapters that were a waste of time and energy.
When a great story sweeps me away I don't see the grammatical errors/character inconsistencies or plot holes - In this book every other sentence was liking being hit with a bat. I deserve a medal for at least finishing this book - but am willing to settle for a glass of wine - which I'm going to go have right now and forget all about this dreadful book.