A Demon Bound

A Demon Bound - Debra Dunbar Reached the 50% mark and throwing this one on the DNF pile. Used the look inside feature on Amazon before buying this book - I liked what I saw. But the book fails to deliver on that first chapter.
The h - quickly moves from delightfully sly and amusing to unlikeable.
Story plods along - as the author details every moment and every thought that goes through the h's head. This grinds the action down, and makes the novel feel as if it is moving at a snail's pace.
Plus - really didn't get the romance. There was no spark between the two characters, the whole romance part felt false and forced.
Plot wise - had a lot of trouble working out why the h let herself be blackmailed by the wolves (to protect Wyatt really isn't a viable excuse considering her nature) nor why she would want to even try to go up against an unstoppable, undefeatable angel - just made no sense.
Too frustrating for words... just say no.