Deadly Curiosities

Deadly Curiosities - Gail Z. Martin It seemed to take me ages to finish this book. And I kept asking myself, why am I not more enthusiastic about this read?
The writing is well done. The characters are all well developed (except for Sorren, the vampire, who's flat and uninteresting), the setting comes alive and I adore Charleston. The big bad was scary.
Why then, was I so on the fence about this book, neither really loving it, nor particularly hating it?
Finally it came to me - this is not a romance (not even a hint of it) so therefore it must be fantasy/action - okay then, why was nothing at stake? Oh, tons of people, peripheral people to the main characters, died. But for the core team, who faced danger over, and over and over again (seriously that got a little bit repetitive too) never really got injured, or seemed to be at risk. They burned down a museum for pity sake and the team walked away scot-free saying 'oopsie, my bad'. Having the vampire glamour everyone resolved too much and meant there were never any consequences to face.
So, to sum up, I found the book readable... but never really fell in love with it, the story or the characters. I wanted to care, but for me, the spark was missing.