Red - Kate SeRine Well written quirky tale that reminded me more than a little of the TV show 'Once Upon A Time' but in a good way.
Until about the half way point, this book was rating a solid 4 star, but a little bit of the main character 'Red' - goes a long way. And I started to weary of her.
Her temper tantrums, her stubborn irrational attitude and her reactions to others - she tends to go nuclear in every situation, lashes out verbally (and her reactions don't always make sense - not for a grown woman anyway)
Considering her attitude, it surprised me again and again the number of male characters that professed their devotion/attraction to her - it just made no sense as she wasn't a particularly likeable person. And because of this I started to become disconnected to the story and my care factor began to erode. Found myself skimming the last few chapters just to get it over with.
I'm all for a heroine having flaws/baggage but not to the point where I actively begin to dislike her.