The Emperor's Edge

The Emperor's Edge - Lindsay Buroker I did enjoy this read. Our h is dogged and determined but she's also naïve and kind of a Pollyanna. Which was okay at the start of the book but as betrayal upon betrayal is heaped upon her, as she uncovers all the lies and atrocities being committed in her city - it's a little surprising she doesn't become a little hardened, a little more suspicious.
I liked the strong, pretty much mono-syllabic, kill rather than chat H. And you kind of get why he is drawn much against his will to the h.
The merry band of followers our h collects along the way could have been fleshed out more. But perhaps their back stories will be related in future books.
The bad guys - were all done very well.
But where the story really fell down for me was the Emperor. He seemed so childish, limp and it became difficult to understand why our gang would want to risk their lives to keep him in power. I needed him to be smarter, more subversive - someone I would root for.

Am still undecided as to whether I'll pursue this series further.