Cursed By Destiny

Cursed By Destiny - Cecy Robson This series has become an exercise in frustration. The author appears to be caught in a number of endless loops:
- Celia selflessly putting everyone else's needs before her own
- Her sisters putting their bro-ho hunks before Celia's happiness. They never take a stand against the elders on her behalf or ask their men/mates to. Nor do they ever rip into Aric for being hot/cold, instead everyone seems to be all too understanding of HIS pain, since he's the alpha, but no one seems to give a damn about Celia's pain.
- Celia is constantly humiliated, by her own powers (seriously an eagle with breasts?) and by her friends and her sisters' hunks insensitive thoughtless comments (which her sisters should be slapping them in the face for, but never do)
- Men constantly treat Celia like dirt, no matter how much they say they love/need her. The vampire Misha has constant sex with others and rubbing her face in it makes no sense. Aric's alpha male who says one thing, does another, is constantly hot and then cold. Celia's constant does he love me? Why is he acting so cold? Just mind-boggingly frustrating.
- The endless arguments everytime a dangerous situation comes up, the alpha males forbidding the sisters to get involved, lots of talk and posturing until the sisters pretty much do what they were going to do all along
- The oh so obvious bad guys, might as well wear neon signs the moment they appear as there is no subtly to them what so ever, which would be fine if this series was still a romance, now it's become action/adventure - so it needs much more clever plotting.
- Stuff happens that makes no sense and just makes Celia look even weaker than she already is; the vampire wedding for instance in which Celia's bullied to go along with. Sorry what? She says she's in love with Aric but continuously does all this stuff with Misha.
Seriously this series has become a retread of the same action and reactions over and over again. Worst of all Celia as the main character has become a sad wuss of a woman, ultra dependent upon Aric. Every time he gives her a cold look she bursts into tears, only to then be oh so happy when he tells her (for the twentieth time) I had to be mean to you in front of the others so no one would guess my true feelings.
Please Cecy - break the cycle - no one else can do it for you.