Enemy Games

Enemy Games - Marcella Burnard Where the first book in this series "Enemy Within" trod new ground and provided an exciting plot and intriguing characters this second book is a bitter disappointment. And is essentially way too similar in story line as the first book, failing to bring anything new or interesting to the reader. Worse, while I'm not a reader that typically needs every little detail explained I found huge gaps this time in my understanding of exactly just what was going on and why. Whilst I appreciated the female lead, finding her strong and capable with fantastic lethal skills it is never explained why she failed to step up in the first book when the crew was continually in mortal danger. Plus the male leads back story appeared to get lost in the telling and I was never quite sure of what it meant that he was a "predator".
Contributing to the confusion was the number of groups that continuously pop up & disappear throughout the book, all with confusing agendas, agents, double agents, allies, enemies etc. It became quite tiresome trying to remember or figure out exactly who everyone is.
The ending of the book is also rather abrupt. For a while I wasn't sure if there weren't pages missing as we seemed to go from action two pages before, then everything is suddenly resolved and the story just ends.

If there is a third book I will definitely be waiting for my library to purchase a copy as I won't be wasting my money any further on this series.