India Black

India Black - Carol K. Carr Best thing about this book - the cover
The worst thing - the heroine, India Black. I had no problems with the main character being a Madam (running a brothel) what I did have a problem with is her unfounded superiority complex. She constantly refers to her working girls as 'bints' - which is the equivalent of calling them the 'C' word. India constantly harps on about her cooks drinking - but knocks back whiskey like its going out of style. And to say she has ill will towards her clients doesn't even begin to touch on the contempt she feels for them.
There are very few people she does like and no one she respects - perhaps she has good reason for her attitude but with absolutely no background (why/how did she become a whore? How did she claw her way up to owning her own place?) her behaviour/thoughts just come off as harsh and rather hypocritical.
India's motivation for going after the 'missing' case is also questionable once she tries and fails at the Russian party. Trying to rub French's nose in her victory of recovering it, is not enough of an explanation as to why she leaves her brothel unattended (after going to great pains to tell us earlier how incompetent her staff were - and that they would steal her blind if she wasn't there to watch them....?)
So she hangs around for hours outside in the freezing cold, tells lie after lie, steals a maid's uniform, shimmies along a ledge, falls to the ground, shimmies up a drain pipe...etc etc. SEE - her motivation just does not make sense for the time and effort she is expending.

I like the idea - and I really wanted to like this more - but the main character and the execution of the story killed off any goodwill I had for this book.