The Iron Wyrm Affair

The Iron Wyrm Affair - Lilith Saintcrow This was my second attempt at reading this book - the first time I managed only 10% - this time I was determined but reached the 50% mark and decided my time is too valuable for subjecting myself to bad books of this calibre.
Let's start with the story. It was a mess. The first chapter or two there were times when I completely failed to understand what exactly what was happening, to whom and why.
Lots of action happens (again rarely know what is actually happening) even worse action happens b/w chapters that we are not privy too - suddenly Emma is knifed, though the page before she was kicking ass and winning, it was weird.
Worse the author has settled on a technique of throwing a plethora of descriptive words at every page - to the detriment of the story. Seriously I don't want to read a three page description of the carriage and the ride to somewhere - instead tell me what the hell is going on.
Emma is seemly omnipotent but then several times is at death's door yet within hours she is up and once again back to full power - which means there are no stakes / nothing really at risk, boring.
Clare is described as being ugly with thinning hair....? Ummm, okay so no sexual tension is ever going to happen b/w these two.
I tried... I honestly did... twice! But enough is enough.
Don't like any of the characters, the way they distrust one another (needlessly as they have little choice but to share all the info / count on them to protect them) but the author has decided to use all the mistrust etc as a way to draw out the story - seriously? Who else is there for them to trust? Instead we have to deal with a lot of silly thoughts / with holding important info and road blocking - even though there is no alternative for them but to eventually trust each other - eye roll.
Putting a fork in this done - I'm done