Stolen Songbird

Stolen Songbird - Danielle L. Jensen I'm pretty choosy when it comes to YA novels and this book reminds me why. The two stars is for the world building but other than that there is little I liked about this book.
The h, was a bit of a mess, weak, strong, reckless, cautious, basically all over the place. I never got why she fell in love with the Prince, they spend little time together, he's always with holding the truth, clearly doesn't trust her but for some bizarre reason our h decides she loves him.
And why did the Prince need to be beautiful? Why couldn't he have been flawed and interesting?
The trolls are too bad, too dangerous yet our h keeps insisting upon only seeing the good in them, despite hearing/witnessing a lot of the atrocities they have inflicted.
I skim read the last third, just to see if there was any point to the story - there wasn't.
Unbelievable romance and childish/immature h just turned me off this one.