Pocket Apocalypse

Pocket Apocalypse - Seanan McGuire This was a solid 3.5 rating - the extra .5 is awarded because the Aeslin mice feature so predominantly. HAIL.
I'm still not sold on Alex as a lead character - though I did prefer this over Half off Ragnorak (third in series but Alex's first outing as lead character)
There was a lot of tension that kept this book barrelling along and a good number of misdirects.
I like Shelby and Alex as a couple of lot more in this book - but that may have been because her family (every single one of them) was hateful, bigoted, insulting and beyond mule headed. By writing them like this though, the author made Alex a lot more of a sympathetic character (guessing this to be deliberate as so many of us readers complained about how bland he was as a lead character).
Unfortunately though as I read - and Shelby's family only grew worse in their treatment of Alex - he only seemed to grow more pious and irritating - seriously dude, haul off and hit someone already.
My final niggling problem was Shelby's insistence on calling her father - Daddy, like she was some six year old girl in a pink Princess outfit - it made me flinch every time.