Under Wraps

Under Wraps - Hannah Jayne An excellent premise is let down by a poor storyline and two very annoying leads. Sophie Lawson has almost no likeable qualities, she spends all her time making up stories in her head based upon TV shows. Which seems ridiculous given that she works at the Underworld Detection Agency (UDA) and her real life is much more interesting than most. But she's too busy sniffling, whining and moping over her lack of a normal childhood to embrace the moment. And why an "administrative assistant" should be assigned to work with police detective Parker Haynes is never properly explained, big deal she has access to the right files all she does is spend her time getting hot and bothered over Parker's hot bod - even though he's not a particularly nice guy. Where's the plot, the emotion or even the fun in this novel? Great looking cover and premise are seriously hampered by a storyline that limps along with no likeable characters and a really hard to relate to female lead that is just too inept and whiney to live