Blood of Eden

Blood of Eden - Tami Dane The rear cover blurb for Blood of Eden sounds promising; genius Sloan Skye gets an intern job with the new paranormal unit of the FBI. Unfortunately the reality of this book is a confusing mess. Working to catch a killer, Sloan's role as an intern places her in highly improbable situations; acting as bait for the killer, going off alone to investigate. Not only is Sloan kind of whiny and annoying, she has a distracting romance with one of the FBI agents. The romance fails to ring true, he's an older man and an agent, she's supposedly much younger and an intern.
I confess I had to stop reading at the half way point. The story just got too bizzarre, and Sloan really failed to engage me as a heroine I gave the slightest damn about. I skipped to the final chapter hoping that it might provide me with enough incentive to go back to where I stopped and try to read the book again. Let's just say the final chapter is such a convoluted mess that I'm surprised any editor let it go to print. What a terrible book. Is there a rating less than one star? If so I give this a point 5 of a star. If you decide to buy this book I suggest you stand in the bookshop and read the first three chapters. If you decide to purchase it than do so at your own risk.