Trust No One

Trust No One - Jayne Ann Krentz This was a solid 3 rating read for me.
It was like old times for JAK, suspense, no magic, and all about the romance. Overall the story was well written and advanced at a nice pace.
Still, just like her recent effort 'River Road' this feels like a draft that was written some 15-20 years ago and recently dusted off, given a re-write and published. And it has all the usual JAK standbys - to the ninth degree.
The h, is lost, her career stalled and she doesn't know what she wants to do next (seen it before in countless JAK heroines) she's a vegetarian and buys only organic fruits and veges (again, been there, done that) She has kind of a hippy dippy, up beat life view (tick) She's been to therapy (tick) does meditation (tick)
The H, as always, is in direct contrast to the h. He's wealthy, magnetic, hardened - clearly attracted the h, despite finding her a little hippy dippy. (tick, tick, tick)
But the h, can see through him to the good man beneath and knows how to handle him.

I can forgive the retro feel in this novel more than I could in the re-hashed River Road - mainly because the story flows better here and the bad guy/s are more developed and their motives (okay a little crazy) but to a degree understandable. Though there was a crazy chapter very early in the novel where the h is chatting to her girlfriends about finding the body and the POV was all over the place and just beyond messy (didn't feel like JAK or an editor had looked at it at all)