Personal (Jack Reacher, #19)

Personal (Jack Reacher, #19) - Lee Child Forget the average movie -starring Tom Cruise - I have.
I like the Jack Reacher novels for several reasons. Sure they are formulaic, sure most of the set ups are two steps beyond plausible but above all else I just like the character.
Jack Reacher may be 6.5ft loner, and a bit of a brawler but he never stops thinking, looking at all the angles, and cutting through all the bullshit out there.
I often find myself learning something, whether it be about the army, tactics, weaponry, or just plain old human nature.
Lee Child has created a unique character with very few ties to the world but who is rooted in a rich and colourful past that just won't leave him alone. I come for the action, but I stay reading because of the character.