Steamy reads with a dollop of magic, mystery and hot... hot men

A great story and characters will suck me in every time, no matter the genre. But I do have a weakness for PNR, SF, UF and I'll melt completely if you throw in some humour and a breathless romance.

The Wolf's Hour

The Wolf's Hour - Robert R. McCammon Werewolf, action, adventure - all set during the second world war. Join our British hero as he goes into Nazi Germany, where he will fight for his life whilst trying to help England win the war.
This is really two stories - as how our hero became a werewolf, in the frozen landscape of a tsarist/revolutionary Russia is interwoven.
Smart, clever and at times quite tense. Great ride, great story.

Boy's Life

Boy's Life - Robert R. McCammon A lyrical coming of age novel set in the deep south. Magical, moving, and all round excellent as we follow along with the main character, seeing a summer through his eyes, the last one when he still believes magic is possible before turning into a teenager.

Stolen Songbird

Stolen Songbird - Danielle L. Jensen I'm pretty choosy when it comes to YA novels and this book reminds me why. The two stars is for the world building but other than that there is little I liked about this book.
The h, was a bit of a mess, weak, strong, reckless, cautious, basically all over the place. I never got why she fell in love with the Prince, they spend little time together, he's always with holding the truth, clearly doesn't trust her but for some bizarre reason our h decides she loves him.
And why did the Prince need to be beautiful? Why couldn't he have been flawed and interesting?
The trolls are too bad, too dangerous yet our h keeps insisting upon only seeing the good in them, despite hearing/witnessing a lot of the atrocities they have inflicted.
I skim read the last third, just to see if there was any point to the story - there wasn't.
Unbelievable romance and childish/immature h just turned me off this one.

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Fancy Stolen Casket

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Fancy Stolen Casket - Fran Rizer First up - the title of this book completely sucked me in. The read itself was average to good. The main character reasonably likeable.
I liked it, I didn't love it.
Perfectly good rainy day light reading material

The Long Walk

The Long Walk - Stephen King I remember reading this in my teens and being completely captivated by it. I was sucked in to this world as I walked along with these boys. It was my first realisation that an author can go anywhere in time and space, have the power to kill or save a character. And that not every ending has to be tied up in a nice neat bow - sometimes the reader has to do some work and decide for themselves.
To this day this story resonates with me

Body Movers

Body Movers - Stephanie Bond Funny, I'd been chasing this book for a while - mainly because several blurbs recommended it for those who love the Stephanie Plum books.
But the reality of this read - the main character is neither likable or funny. The story made me wince, flinch and I kept putting the book down in horror - until one day when I wondered why I continued to keep picking it up again.
I may stand alone in this - but no, this book/series is obviously not for me.


Dauntless - Jack Campbell This was an interesting read. The physics of a space war - the time lag of communications - was incorporated well. There have been many stories of a long lost hero reclaimed - but I appreciated the fact that in this read those who found him both worshipped, feared and were wary of him.
Good take on the fact that after a century of continuous warfare - so much will erode - strategy, experience, morals.
My only niggly problem was the author failed to describe what the characters looked like.

The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line

The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line - Jennifer Graham, Rob Thomas I'm a huge fan of the TV show so was just grateful to be able to catch up with the gang. The book picks up where the movie left off, and is an okay mystery, wrapped around beloved characters (except for Logan who is still on assignment at sea).
A solid 3.5

The Iron Wyrm Affair

The Iron Wyrm Affair - Lilith Saintcrow This was my second attempt at reading this book - the first time I managed only 10% - this time I was determined but reached the 50% mark and decided my time is too valuable for subjecting myself to bad books of this calibre.
Let's start with the story. It was a mess. The first chapter or two there were times when I completely failed to understand what exactly what was happening, to whom and why.
Lots of action happens (again rarely know what is actually happening) even worse action happens b/w chapters that we are not privy too - suddenly Emma is knifed, though the page before she was kicking ass and winning, it was weird.
Worse the author has settled on a technique of throwing a plethora of descriptive words at every page - to the detriment of the story. Seriously I don't want to read a three page description of the carriage and the ride to somewhere - instead tell me what the hell is going on.
Emma is seemly omnipotent but then several times is at death's door yet within hours she is up and once again back to full power - which means there are no stakes / nothing really at risk, boring.
Clare is described as being ugly with thinning hair....? Ummm, okay so no sexual tension is ever going to happen b/w these two.
I tried... I honestly did... twice! But enough is enough.
Don't like any of the characters, the way they distrust one another (needlessly as they have little choice but to share all the info / count on them to protect them) but the author has decided to use all the mistrust etc as a way to draw out the story - seriously? Who else is there for them to trust? Instead we have to deal with a lot of silly thoughts / with holding important info and road blocking - even though there is no alternative for them but to eventually trust each other - eye roll.
Putting a fork in this done - I'm done

The Republic of Thieves

The Republic of Thieves  - Scott Lynch Perhaps my expectations were set too high thanks to the first two books in this series.
I think the author could have cut out completely all the back story regarding the putting on the play - it was boring and found myself skimming these sections. There were plenty of other ways to tell us Locke's back story without this element.
The story itself was a bit of a grind to read. I slogged through but felt let down by the whole book from the first page to the last. Needed more spark, more intrigue, more layers of deception.

The Lies of Locke Lamora

The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch Rollicking adventure read with some excellent twists, characters you come to love and some major shocks. Kept me glued to the page until late into the night.

Red Seas Under Red Skies

Red Seas Under Red Skies - Scott Lynch Solid follow up - love this world and the two main characters - talk about a bromance.

The Wild Ways

The Wild Ways - Tanya Huff Very readable - but didn't like it as much as the first in the series.


Lucas - Eliza Gayle I quickly began to hate this read - am tired of heroines telling me how kick ass they are, only to never prove it and be complete wusses.
Plus the romance here was a big NO - they never trusted one another, always thought the other had the worst motivation behind every action they performed - and then suddenly they were in love. The h - stating a whole stream of reasons she loves the H - he's loyal and kind to his family, etc etc but the man is never kind or loyal to her.
And the bad guy in this? For some unknown reason is suddenly forgiven and going to get his own book in the future - just daft.

In the Company of Ogres

In the Company of Ogres - A. Lee Martinez Never dead Ned? - A character who just can't die - but does, all the time in quite amusing ways, problem being, he can't stay dead.
Amusing and fresh, I enjoyed it.

Gil's All Fright Diner

Gil's All Fright Diner - A. Lee Martinez Fun - quick read which was just what I was after. A few laughs and doesn't take itself at all seriously.